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Innovative Features Leaf For Enhanced Gaming Experience

01 SocketIO


Ensuring players receive real-time updates and notifications. This enhances the overall user experience by providing a smooth and responsive interface.

02 SPA

Single Page Application (SPA)

Delivers a smooth and seamless user experience by dynamically updating content on a single web page, rather than navigating to multiple pages.

03 Games

Mini Games

We have designed a variety of mini games to elevate the player's gaming experience, offering additional forms of entertainment and rewarding opportunities.


Built in USDT Payment

This feature enhances the convenience and accessibility, attracting more players and facilitating faster and more secure transactions within the gaming environment.

05 Agent

Agent Platform

By incorporating the Agent Platform into white label online casinos can expand their reach and leverage the networks of agents to drive player acquisition and retention.

06 Multilevel

Multilevel Commission

Flexible commission rates at each level will creates a cascading effect, motivating agents to perform better, expand their network and attract more players.

07 Shareholder

Shareholder Agent System

Agents are motivated to attract high-quality players to maximize their earnings, as their financial success becomes directly tied to the success of the platform.

08 KioskSystem

Kiosk System

This self-service approach fosters a sense of independence, convenience, and satisfaction, while also reduces staffing requirementsand improving cost-effectiveness.